Why Quitting Smoking is Important Before You Get Pregnant

It is a well-known fact that smoking while you are pregnant is unhealthy. Smoking can put your baby at risk before he or she is even born; it can stunt fetal growth in the uterus and restrict oxygen to the placenta, increasing your chance of a miscarriage. You may think that once you find out that you are pregnant, you will quit smoking – but this does not always reduce your baby’s risk by much, since the egg itself can be affected before it is even fertilised.

So, if you are trying for a baby, the best thing to do is quit smoking now to fully prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and birth. However, giving up smoking isn’t easy! Here are our top tips to help you be successful.

Tip #1. Breaking the Habit

Many smokers think that it’s the nicotine addiction that is hard to get over, however, the reality is that reliance on nicotine can easily be dealt with. The problem for most smokers, however, is breaking the physical habit of smoking – as a smoker, cigarettes quickly become a main part of your daily life, from having one with your first cup of coffee in the morning to meeting work friends who also smoke during your break. So, quitting smoking is often more about breaking those behavioral patterns.

Tip #2. Going Cold Turkey

You might want to consider simply going cold turkey and just taking the plunge. Deciding to take charge and just quit now can be very empowering, however, be aware that the first 24 hours with no nicotine can be the worst, so be sure that you plan ahead. Make sure that you have something lined up to do for those 24 hours (at least while you are awake!) and speak to your doctor if needed for advice and support. It’s a great excuse to take a trip somewhere, too – there’s no smoking allowed in airports or on flights!

Tip #3. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

If you don’t feel that you are ready to go cold turkey, then you might want to consider nicotine replacement therapy, such as Canadian Pharmacy Worlds NRT quitting aids. There are many different types of nicotine replacement products to choose from; these will help you to combat nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but without the nasty chemicals and toxins that come with smoking cigarettes. However, you should always get the all-clear from your doctor if using nicotine gum, patches, inhalers or lozenges while pregnant.

Tip #4. Getting Support

Along with getting support from your doctor, you may be able to find local groups for ex-smokers, where you can meet others in a similar situation to share support and advice. In addition, at home you should also be getting support – this is especially important if you are trying to get pregnant. If your partner smokes, speak to them about quitting together – the effects of second-hand smoke can be just as harmful to the fetus and being around a smoker will make quitting more difficult for you.

Quitting smoking won’t just lead to a healthier pregnancy, it will also improve your health and decrease your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.


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