Word of the Week-Babies

My word of the week is…

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Unfortunately, still not of the human variety but don’t think that has taken the shine of this amazing week here.

Earlier in the week, I added a post about a little chick being born. I was beyond excited. Nothing could better that, surely?

Well something did.

Hubster sent me a text while I was at work on Wednesday: ‘I’ve got a surprise for you when you get home’.

What would you do?

I rang him straight away.

‘Is it animal related?’ I begged.

He wasn’t budging. Then I had an epiphany moment in relation to surprises.

‘Has the rabbit had babies?’ I shrieked while the office sat in tender hooks looked at me like I was mad.

They had. Hubster counted nine bunny babies.

I couldn’t wait to get home.

photo 3

The rabbits have been living in a chicken coop for their summer house and Coco had given birth in what is supposed to be the nesting box-a perfect rabbit nest.

When I cleaned them out, I noticed quite a lot of fur that either Coco or Carrot (the daddy) had plucked out it wasn’t Clover’s fur as she/he is beige.

I didn’t think anything of it as this happens quite a lot. However I didn’t clean out the nesting box (thank goodness). Don’t ask me why-I was probably cutting corners but I may not have seen the babies if they were small and bald.

By the time we discovered them, they had fur so they must have been a few days old.

They are the cutest things I have ever seen. We can’t disturb them too much so we are unsure of how many exactly. Hubser counted nine, our niece counted ten and I counted 11 so it is somewhere in between that. I am certain their eyes will be open by weekend and then the frolicking bunny excitement will begin.

I imagine we will have to either sell them or separate the sexes but, at the moment, I just want to keep them all and establish the Bunny Village I have always dreamed about.

I showed them to Boo and she wanted to hold them so it was tears and tantrums when I closed the hatch-door.

photo 3

Boo likes to get into the rabbit enclosure but I’ve had to stop her after we found the babies as I didn’t want her to frighten them. I am worried though as, because we didn’t find the babies for a few days, Carrot could well have had his wicked way with Coco again resulting in more babies-can you imagine?

As if things could not get any cuter (they can’t but this is on level), a family of ducklings trotted past the kitchen window that night as I was cooking so I ran out with my phone for photos. Cue a series of ‘quack-quacks’ from Boo.

photo 4

So baby-wise, we have the bunny babies, the little chick and the ducklings. Not forgetting the lambs-especially the orphaned ones who are still bottle feeding. They are eating solids (I like to think of myself as the Annabel Karmel of the animal world) but still need a bit of milk and really have come into their own in terms of cheeky behaviour.

photo 5

It really has been a wonderful week on the farm. You’d think I’d get ‘used’ to babies but I haven’t. They are all lovely. All babies.

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  1. Oh my god they are all adorable! Those teeny tiny baby rabbit melt my heart. I took my boys to the local petting farm recently and I was sad we only saw baby lambs.

  2. aww, so many babies! Love this time of year and it must be especially lovely on the farm! so much cuteness! SPeaking of which, your blog is looking lovely lady, been seeing all the transformations and it is looking fab! xx #wotw

  3. It must be such a brilliant time on the farm right now. I think I would keep running out and gazing at all the little cute lambs and rabbits 🙂 hope they’re all doing all x

  4. awwww beautiful lil babies. nothing cuter than seeing baby animals with their mum. #WotW

  5. I know exactly how you feel – here at Coombe we have been delighted with the Spring new arrivals. Triplet goats and plenty of lambs to coo over although no baby bunnies as yet! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. oooohh how cute!!!! we took a trip to our local farm this week and there werent many ‘babies’ around i was quietly gutted! I makeit sound like there were none…there was some..but i wanted more!!!! x

  7. Oh fantastic! Who doesn’t love baby animals!? I can’t wait till I’ve got a bit of outside space and can have a few pets of my own. At the moment I have two guinea pigs called Mark and Jez!

  8. Those ducklings are completely gorgeous! Love them! It must be such a wonderful thing for children to see them being born or hold such young creatures.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

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