1. 1 is a lot better than 30! Wow! We were on a farm last week and saw a lamb being born, and then a subsequent rejection from the mother. Glad Tinkerbell’s doing well with you. Great word and week! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. well done you on achieving your goal. i have one child and i feel like im forever washing clothes so i cant begin to imagine having four! #WotW

  3. I used to help out on a farm when I was growing up. Loved helping feed the lambs, and also rolling fleece at shearing time! Hope my two can get that experience one day, outside of the whole petting zoo type place.

  4. I love lambs! Growing up we’d often get some to bottle feed in the spring. It’s so fantastic your little girl gets to take part in all of this. Growing up on a farm is so fantastic!

  5. Ahhh lambs are soooo cute. You are so lucky to be surrounded by them all. Love all the lamb photos. Too adorable your lil one with one too. #sharefriday

  6. I don’t like sheep (don’t ask me why cos I don’t really know) but I LOVE lambs! I love to see them springing around the field in the spring time! x

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      hehe that’s funny I feel like I could help you to address your sheep-phobia. I know what you mean. If I’m on my own and it’s dark, they sometimes baa like they’re speaking (have I shared too much) x

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