Word of the Week: Preparation

This week’s Word of the Week is….


How boring is that? I have booked next week off as it is Boo’s first full week of mornings in nursery and I am going to decorate her room.

Now, as previous posts have stated, while we have only been in the house for two years, I am afraid the girly in me went a bit mad when I decorated Boo’s room.

In the old house, her room was yellow and jungle-themed as we hadn’t found out the sex of the baby so I went for a neutral theme.


When I had the chance to (in my words) ‘totally pink it up,’ I did just that.

However there a few problems.

Our bedrooms are right at the top of a three story house and they were once the attic rooms. The windows are on the small side so they let little light in. Coupled with this, there is a beautiful old ** tree outside Boo’s bedroom window so that stops a lot of light getting in.

pink room

I rushed into the shade of pink too. It was in the sale-say no more. I think if I had gone for a paler pink, it would have worked, but I didn’t and it doesn’t.

So I will be sending every morning next week painting and today I am going to try and prep the room ready.

Wish me luck.

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  1. I think it looks great as it is, but a change is always so satisfying – and living with something helps you see how things don’t work so well. Have fun with it all! #WotW

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