10 Uses For Scarves with Kids


Scarves are the godsend of parenting.
Not the thick woolly type scarves, although…
No, I’m talking about those fashion, chiffon scarves adorned by women everywhere.

I’ve got quite a few in an array of colours and here are my 10 things you never knew you could do with scarves.

  • Forgotten a bib? No worries, tuck your scarf under your baby’s chin. Talk about feeding on the go.


  • Forgotten a blanket? No problem, cover your child in the scarf
  • Left the house with sick/your child’s dinner/your dinner/poo/ a hole (delete as applicable) in or on your person? Cover the stain up with a scarf.
  • In early pregnancy and want to hide your growing bump? Get a scarf.
  • Got a bored child or baby when out and about? Use the scarf as a peek-a-boo tool. Swish it in their face. They love it.*
  • If your child has an ‘accident’ whilst potty training and you’ve forgotten a change of clothes, fashion your scarf into a sarong.
  • No hands to hold an umbrella with 18 kids and a pushchair? Put the miracle scarf over your head.


  • Taken the dog to the park in the car and forgotten a lead? Use the scarf.
  • Soft toy keeps being flung from the pram? Tie one end of the scarf to the toy and the other to the push chair.*
  • Still wearing maternity pants three weeks months post-baby? Don’t bother trying to squeeze into your old pants just because they happen to be slipping down every minute, just secure them with a scarf.

So there you go. No need to thank me. As you can see from the above, I forget things. A lot. Disaster is almost always averted by a scarf. Winner.

What do you do with your scarf?


*do be careful about strangulation.


  1. Ha, ha I love this post, because this is me! I am always forgetting to bring a blanket for baby when we go in the car, so I always just stick my scarf around her! As for hiding bump, stain and a multitude of other things well a scarf has always been my trusty friend!

  2. This is great, so many uses! I actually wear a scarf on my head as I am muslim but I think another great use is to use the scarf as a coverup when breastfeeding. You can breastfeed in public discreetly and easily ๐Ÿ™‚

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