28 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Number 3


I’m a bit late with my 28 week update as it fell right over Christmas. However 28 weeks I am and *klaxon* I am officially in the third trimester.


I had a 28 week appointment at antenatal this week as well as the first of three growth scans to check that the baby is growing enough but not too much.

Thankfully baby is right on target size wise and, with my blood sugars stable, they are mostly pleased with me-especially over Christmas where I avoided merrymaking too much, save the odd mince pie.

My blood pressure is still a bit on the high side so they will keep a close eye on that but, with the recent row with the community midwife, I am trying to remain as calm as I can be.

They did tell me this week that the baby will be delivered early but only time will tell how early that will be. The other two were both delivered at 38 weeks so, with that a mere ten weeks away, it is that which I am aiming for.

Physically, the bump seems to have grown again. Hubster is referring to me as a Kinder Surprise which I actually find quite funny.


The sleep is still causing me annoyance. I had pregnancy insomnia with Boo but not G. This time I am struggling to fall asleep despite being so tired. I used to get up and read when I was pregnant with Boo but, knowing that there will be two little pairs of eyes willing me to get up the next day, I am staying in bed this time. I console myself that at least it is rest.

I have a few niggly ligament pains in my bump which I find annoying seeing as my stomach has stretched with pregnancy twice before but I suppose it goes back once the baby is born and it is just one of those things.

If they are my only niggles, I can live with that.

With Christmas over, I suppose it should be now that I look at what I need to buy for the baby. I am looking at getting some kind of double pram or at least one of those nifty single to double ones as I am under no illusion that G will not be in a pram for much longer.

I am just not feeling it at the moment though. I am not rushing in to anything and, if that means waiting until the baby is here before I make a decision on new wheels then so be it.

At least with number three, I shouldn’t make any of the non-essential purchases you do with your first baby.


Saying that though, I am fully expecting to get carried away with the ‘cute baby items’ bug at some stage.

Both Boo and G have their birthdays this month so to is them I will be concentrating on. I will update again at the next growth scan in four weeks time as long as nothing major happens in the mean time.


  1. You look bloomin amazing Mrs! Very country chic! Sorry to hear you aren’t sleeping – how frustrating but pleased that you’re growing well and they’re happy with you. I might have started with the cute baby purchases in the sales this week… oops xx

  2. What a fab bump Emma, you’re looking fantastic! Love that your husband jokes that you’re looking like a kinder surprise! I’m constantly catching my husband giggling at me and my bump (in a nice way) but just because it is growing so much! I’m with you on the ‘not sleeping’….so frustrating when you’re so tired but as soon as the lights go out there is no getting to sleep! I keep getting up to read but I can’t nap during the day so need to kick that habit! Gosh not long to go for you now….exciting! #MaternityMondays

  3. Ah you are looking fab! Sleep has become a bit elusive for me…if I’m not coughing, I’m awake needing a wee and then it takes me an age to get back to sleep. Think it was easier in my first pregnancy cos I could just have a sneaky nap in the daytime to catch up…no such luck with a crazy 4 yr old around though! #maternitymondays

  4. You and bump look amazing. Sorry you’re not sleeping, it’s so frustrating when that happens. So cute your hubby is calling you kinder surprise Haa xx#maternitymondays

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