5 Gift Ideas for Farm Women

Gifts for farm women (and men) can be really difficult. People automatically thing thing like socks, gloves, scarves and other cold weather wear will be a waste of time because everyone will buy them.

In my own experience, this is not true at all. Working outdoors makes clothes wear faster. I am not sure why. You can never have too many warm items to layer in the bitter cold but equally, just because we have rough hands, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a bit of pampering too and, despite my worn hands, I do still wear nail vanish, make up and have a spritz of perfume.

So here are my top five gift ideas for women on the farm.

1. Socks. Not just ordinary socks-really fluffy socks that normal people usually wear to bed. It can get so cold that I tend to wear them all the time.

2. Wellie socks-as above. Wellies might keep your feet dry but my goodness they are cold. Most farm people wear boots rather than wellies but, when it is only wellies that will do, wellie socks are an essential and, when they get muddy trying to get said wellies off, you can never have enough pairs.

3. A pretty mug or two. Mugs can be like gold dust on the farm. They get taken outside, used for things other than tea (tractor diesel for example), the get lost, chipped and abandoned. I love a mug of my own. One that everyone knows belongs to me and should never be used by anyone other than me. Someone bought me a mug with my blog header on it and I loved that mug. I found it dirty by an outdoor stable. That incident is forever known as mug-gate now.

4. A cook book-preferably a vintage one. They don’t cost a lot. I recently picked up a retro Women’s Institute one and another published by Farmer’s Weekly in the 1970s. I love reading about the difference in cooking habits. They also give me inspiration to try new things in my kitchen.

5. Hand cream. Thick, heavy duty stuff. Our hands get so sore. Chapped from all the washing. Whether I’m feeding animals, stroking animals, changing nappies or cooking, I wash my hands hundreds of times a day. I don’t always have time to dry them properly though and we go through hand cream here at an alarming rate. Hubster actually bought me some udder cream from the feed merchants which is meant for chapped cow udders and was recommended by other farmer’s wives.


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