5 Things I am Looking Forward To Wearing after Pregnancy

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It seems like I have been pregnant forever. Even one of my consultants at the hospital joked it was the longest pregnancy ever so I think it must be long.

I have got to the stage now where little fits so I am actually looking forward to having more of a choice of what to wear when the baby is born.

Here are the 5 things I am looking forward to wearing.

1. A coat. As this is my last pregnancy, I didn’t want to fork out for a new maternity coat and, despite having two other winter pregnancies, a maternity coat was something I seemed to manage without-going for thick cardigans and capes. I am really looking forward to wearing a proper coat though-especially on the school run when it can get quite cold standing in the playground.

2. Normal knickers. I know this is too much information but I didn’t have a problem with this when I had G. I bought special (massive) over the bump pants from Mothercare. Now I’m not sure whether my belly is a different shape or the elastic has gone but none and I mean NONE stay up. My pre-pregnancy pants seem to cut into to my caesarean scar from last time. I can’t wait to feel comfortable again.

3. Looking in all the shops. Maternity selections on the high street are particularly dire. In my town, it is only H&M that has a dedicated maternity section and most of that stuff is just basics. Plus I didn’t want to buy anything because I had maternity clothes. I have been squirrelling a bit of pocket money away for myself to have a mini-primark spree when I’ve had the baby. I can’t wait.

4. Normal tights. I hate maternity tights as much if not more than the knicker situation (see point 2). I can’t wait to wear normal tights again and not have to hitch them up every 30 seconds.

5. Heels. There comes a point in every pregnancy journey when heels become a bit of a problem. For me, my whole centre of gravity shifts and heels just become impossible for waddling purposes. I will love having the option of more footwear-I may even wear some really inappropriate shoes around the farm. Just because I can.

What did you look forward to wearing the most after having a baby?

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