1. Oh darling! That was an eventful month! No wonder you’re uncomfortable if baby is transverse. Can they do anything to turn it? I have everything crossed that you can get to the 36week mark xxx

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      No George was breech and he wouldn’t turn so I had to have a section with him and, because of the section, they won’t turn. So if the baby stays like it is they’ll do another section anyway xx

  2. That’s an impressive bump Emma!! Can’t believe how close it is now. I know it must feel like forever to you but it’s like your pregnancy has gone so fast! Xxx

  3. Hi, just found this blog through Facebook group and I’m really enjoying reading your posts. I am 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow so we are due around the same time, your bump is very impressive!
    It’s my second child so I also have quite a lot of baby stuff already and have been putting off buying new bits and getting organised but just finished work this week so no excuses now must pack hospital bag etc!
    Good luck with everything, I will be following you to see how everything works out.

  4. Wow lovely bump! 4 weeks to go hey! Exciting. My daughter was 5lb 13oz at 38+4 and just managed to miss the SCBU. Typically as long as the babies breathing is great and they’re over 5lb 7oz (ish!) you should be ok! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and you’re home in no time x

  5. I hope you make 36 weeks. 4lb sounds like a great weight for 32 weeks. You must feel so uncomfortable with a transverse baby. Poor you! Look forward to reading further updates #MaternityMondays

  6. Look at that bump..gorgeous. only 4 weeks left, that’s so exciting. Can’t wait to hear the news that little one has arrived.xx #maternitymondays

  7. It sounds like you have had loads going on throughout January. You look fantastic – and good news on the weight of the baby, although I am so sorry you are so uncomfortable. Sending you lots of good thoughts x #MaternityMondays

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