Liked and Loved January 2017

January can be a funny old month but this year, I will be taking part in Liked and Loved, a monthly post via the lovely Cornish Mum, telling you the things I have used or enjoyed is that particular month.


While most people struggle with positives in the first month of the year, it was Boo’s 6th birthday last week. You can read more abut it here but that was the biggest love of the month.

My hands are so cracked. I wash them all the time because of the farm so, in the colder months, they definitely take a battering.


Thankfully, this Hemp hand cream from the Body Shop is the only thing I’ve found that makes any kind of difference.


Sticking with the Body Shop, one of the mums at Boo’s school sells products and, just before Christmas, I ordered a matte lipgloss. For as long as I have been wearing things on my lips (a long time, let me tell you) it has always been about the shine. So a matte product was a big change for me. It actually surprised me how much I love it. It doesn’t dry out your lips and the colour is striking.


We have had goat hoof trimming day. This is only the second time they have had it done but it is good to get them used to the farrier who does it and foot health is very important for sheep and goats. Excuse their Christmas collars. I forgot to take them off and I was under the impression Christmas clothing for animals was similar to decorations so if you left them up, or on, they had to stay there until Easter. The poor goats.


I love my new work station. It is not completely finished (is anything?) but it was one of my New Year goals to tidy up and stream line where I blog so I got new pencil pots and this rather funky hashtag light (from Primark) along with a new desk calendar so nothing can stop me planning and bing organised this year-well, apart from a new baby. Oops.


I haven’t really bought anything baby related yet, despite d-day looming. I was waiting for Boo to celebrate her birthday and then her little brother to celebrate his first. On a trip to my local garden centre though, I couldn’t resist this Jelly Cat rabbit. Both my older two have one so I had to buy it for the baby.

That’s about it for this month. I am hoping for some signs of spring for next month and maybe a baby? We will see.

A Cornish Mum


  1. I enjoy reading these posts, so positive. That bunny for your baby is beautiful and I love that the goats are stuck wearing Christmas collars until Easter!

  2. Ahh! I have that exact lip gloss from the Bodyshop! I haven’t had chance to try it out properly but it sounds fantastic.
    Your work station looks brilliant. I need somewhere like that to work. I think it would help me be more productive x

  3. Jellycat toys are just to lovely to resist aren’t they? My hands are always really dry too – I might have to try that Bodyshop cream because nothing I’ve tried so far seems to make much difference! #LikedandLoved

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