5 Things I Love About Autumn on the Farm


Autumn is in full swing. The leaves are falling and the weather has turned crisp.
It is one of my favourite times of the year-especially on the farm.

Here are my top five reasons I love Autumn on the farm.

1.It is our quietest time of the year. Not cold enough to worry about animals having enough food and water. No births. No shearing. All the hay and straw is piled up ready.


2.The chickens go back into their coop by 6.30-7pm. There were times in the summer when I had to wait for them to go to bed after 10pm before I could retire. Autumn means early bed for everyone.


3.The leaves changing colour and falling is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. The red and rust colours are just breath taking.

4.The rams get all amorous with the ewes. We put them together around Bonfire Night. Our new Suffolk rams may go a little earlier this year. It is always an exciting time-probably for them more than us.

5.The fruit of our labour. Autumn is the earliest time lambs from earlier in the year will be ready for market. Not only that but the blackberries have been picked, the conkers and acorns are being collected by work-conscious squirrels and any fruit left on our trees has been collected.


I love Autumn.


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