Our Private Gender Scan-Baby Number 3

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Can you believe I’m almost half way through this pregnancy? I’m almost 19 weeks and, having had the other two at 38 weeks, that means I’m half way.

It only feels like five minutes since I announced that our third baby is on the way.

When I was pregnant with Boo we didn’t want to find out the sex and, while we deliberated over whether to find out with G, we left that as a surprise too.

This time, we wanted to know.

Not least for logistics. I have kept every single item of clothing from both previous babies. That’s newborn-6 in girls and newborn-18-24 months in boys. That is a lot of clothes.

Most private scans will be able to tell from 16 weeks so we booked in for a private scan at our hospital.

For £40, you get a 15 minute scan, photo and DVD.

That is if the baby feels like playing.

Ours didn’t.

My consultant did the scan and he is lovely so I was pleased about that. We took both children with us.

G isn’t really old enough to know what’s going on but Boo said she wanted a sister.

Baby had other ideas.

I coughed, jumped up and down, went to the loo but it was constantly somersaulting in there, so much so that the consultant said he would scan us again free of charge a week later.

He told us he was 90 per cent it was one sex but that wasn’t enough for me to reveal.

A week later, I booked the appointment for after bed time. I went alone as Hubster was manning the baby monitor for the older two.

Baby was still not in the mood to fully reveal. The consultant even said he would not be surprised if I had to have three 20-week scans due to my uncooperative third baby. Oops.

Having experienced a boy and a girl pregnancy, this one is exactly the same as one of the others I’ve had and that matches with what the consultant said it is. I know in my heart of hearts what we are having.

The doctor did say he had only been wrong once in his whole career and he was over 90 per cent sure this time but you are going to have to wait until I have 100 per cent confirmation.

The naughty baby didn’t even pose fully for a photo.

Did you find out the sex of your baby?

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  1. Oh that’s the worst gender reveal ever, the suspense is killing me! Come on baby, play ball! It certainly sounds like baby is well and active though which is lovely news.

  2. Baby sounds like a little tinker. I bet you are dying for confirmation. I had the same with number three too, he would not stay still on the scans and had hands and cord in the way and legs crossed. I found out at a later scan what I was having though, hopefully you get 100% conformation soon too xx

  3. You big tease. I was so excited when I saw this link on FB and I’m still none the wiser!! Lol. Little monkey baby needs to play ball next time xx

  4. My sister was told she was having a little girl and then at her next scan they said “Your little girl has grown a scrotum!”
    I don’t think I could go through pregnancy without knowing

  5. I really wanted a private scan and initially it worked out around my birthday so I could have it as a present but then dates were wrong and it came slap back over Christmas so we didn’t do it in the end!

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