A Mother’s Greatest Critic? Herself

I have written a post before where I suggested that a Mother’s greatest critic is other mother’s. I am not saying I totally retract that post but, at the moment, I am seriously thinking that a mother’s greatest critic, is actually themselves, well, me to be precise.

You see, I thought as a parent second time around, I would have more confidence. I am more relaxed but when it comes to Beb’s care I doubt myself ALL. THE. TIME.

I went shopping last week and, while waiting to change Beb’s dirty nappy in a queue for the baby change, I remarked to the woman next to me; ‘Oh no, what should I do now?’


She said to leave him and he would wake up if he was uncomfortable and then asked me if he was my first baby. In a moment of embarrassment, I lied and said he was. What on earth is wrong with me?

For weeks now, Beb has been dribbling up a storm. His cheeks have been red on a few occasions and I told my mum a good four weeks ago that I thought he might be teething. ‘Surely not at his age,’ she said and to be honest, at that point, as always, I doubted myself.

The dribbling and red cheeks has now been joined by hand eating and, the other day I looked into his little mouth (why I didn’t do this before, I have no idea) and low and behold, there are two little white mounds on his bottom gum. I was right after all.


He had a rash from Hubster’s stubble and I rang the doctors-even though I knew why the rash was there-what if it was something more sinister?

I cried at the weighing clinic because the health visitor (uncharacteristically for one of them) said I was doing a great job.

Why can’t I believe in myself? In moments of clarity, I admit that I managed to bring Boo up to be four years old and I am always ready to hand out advice to other mothers who ask for it so why can’t I take it myself?

I think the moral of the story is to remember the age-old adage that mum knows best. Don’t doubt yourself.

What do you think? (See, I can’t help myself).


  1. Isn’t it funny how we doubt ourselves with these things? I must admit with the twins I spent less time second guessing, probably because I had less time! I still dithered about some things, it’s weird though because if my friends ask me about something child related I’m usually pretty sure in my response. You obviously are doing a fantastic job Emma, it isn’t easy with a little baby and a three year old! xx

  2. I think us mums don’t get told enough that we are doing a great job so we focus on the negatives a lot. Clearly you’re doing a fab job with your two and the fact that you care so much reflects that.

  3. You are, and always will be, the expert about your own baby. No one will ever know him as well as you do. You ARE doing a great job. Be kind to yourself x

  4. It is so easy to second guess yourself, especially on the second baby. For me having had my boys close together a lot of things were still fresh in my mind but there were a lot of different things too. I think the best philosophy is to trust your instincts like Another Bun said you know your own children best! You are doing great Emma ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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