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  1. Sally Puxted

    Oh dear. I do so feel for you. My Daisy, who was put to sleep 5 weeks ago, was the exact opposite to Rosie. She came from the blue cross at 6 months, and from day one we were joined at the hip. She was, as you said, my soulmate. I’m not much of a social person, and she and I didn’t need anyone else…I always knew where she was, and she knew where I was. She never put a foot wrong, funnily enough apart from one duckling! That last day as the vet did her job, I looked into those smoky old eyes, and wanted to go with her. You and I know there’ll never be another Rosie or another Daisy….they were the special ones. We were so lucky. Bless you for sharing, and now I’m crying. Best wishes, Sally
    Take heart from knowing Rosie had the best life with you

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