Advice for Entrepreneur Mums: How to Get Your Online Business Off the Ground


Thanks to the increase in popularity of blogging and digital entrepreneurship, it’s never been easier for stay-at-home mums to start their own businesses and start making a good living from their own company. Whether you’re hoping to start an e-commerce store, become a digital consultant, freelance, or earn your money from blogging or affiliate marketing, there are now more options than ever before available for moms who want to work from home with the kids. We’ve put together some top tips for mums who are hoping to get their new home-based business idea off the ground.

Use Social Media

Reaching out to potential customers and spreading the word about your brand is the first step that you will need to take in pursuit of business success, whether you’re running a store, blog, or something else. Social media is one of the best marketing tools out there as not only is it largely free, business owners have the added benefit of knowing that a huge percentage of the population is signed up to sites such as Facebook or Twitter, making it easy to reach multiple members of your target market at the same time. By using social media to spread content, you can increase the number of followers – and customers – that you acquire.



Go to College

Thanks to online degree programs, moms who are hoping to start their own business can now easily prepare themselves by signing up to a home-based degree course from a reputable university. Degree programs in business, marketing, public relations and more will teach you more about PR in the digital age and how to use things such as content going viral to help your business to grow and develop. Along with giving you additional knowledge and skills that will certainly come in handy for your business, attending college can make you more credible in the eyes of lenders, making it easier for you to get business funding if needed.

Get Support

If you want your business idea to grow as quickly as possible, it’s important to get the right support in place as early as possible. Whether this is to apply for financial aid to get a degree, arrange for babysitting and childcare plans to be in place if needed, or even ask your family members and friends to rally round and help you out when necessary can help to give you peace of mind and reduce stress when these types of situations do arise.

Work on Your Online Presence

Whether you’re running an online store, a blog, an affiliate website, or something else online, it’s important to have a good online presence in order to keep new customers rolling in. Working on your online presence can be done via social media, but there are many other means of improving it, for example by maintaining a regularly updated and interesting blog, forum posting, or even guest posting on other sites and blogs.

Thanks to the rise in digital entrepreneurship, more moms are starting online businesses as a means of making a living.


*This is a collaborative post


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