• farmerswifeandmummy

      He he I worry about that too. I think I’ll be permanently washing and putting toys away but I do that now anyway 😉 x

  1. Yes yes yes. I long for the sleep of my last pregnancy. I don’t know how you are managing with two children, I am exhausted looking after one! And mine still naps! You are superwoman and therefore have nothing to worry about with the new baby as you’ll be fabulous! xxx

  2. Oh bless you, I feel terrible for moaning about my lack of sleep now. I can’t imagine how busy you must be with your little ones whilst growing and carrying another beautiful baby! I wouldn’t worry one bit as your new arrival will slot right in and you’ll be amazing. I hope you do manage to fit in some naps….you deserve them #maternitymondays x

  3. I’m in awe of you for coping with pregnancy and two others. You’ll manage with three once the baby comes along! I hope you get the occasional nap! #MaternityMondays

  4. Ah lovely I have just linked up a similar post about becoming a Mummy of 3. I definitely struggled during pregnancy I was just so tired!! I always remember when I was pregnant with my 1st – my midwife said to me enjoy your maternity leave as this will be the only one you will be able to relax during – such true words! Sending love, you will be amazing! #maternitymondays

  5. I have to say that I don’t know how anyone copes being pregnant at the same time as having little ones. At one point my mum had 3 of us under 4 and had 7 kids in total! I am grateful that Grace is 10 and can help me lots! Although, it is very different being pregnant 10 years on – and worrying much much more! #MaternityMondays

  6. My boss keeps telling me she had 3 under 4, I honestly don’t know how she did it! You’ll be fab though, you’ll slip into a rhythm (I hate the word routine!). I definitely feel more tired this time round, Mini M is always on the go so I never get that rest/nap time #MaternityMondays

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