An Introduction to Baking With kMix- #CurrysInTheKitchen


So Bake Off is back and the beady eyed amongst you may have noticed a difference in the tent this series.

No Paul hasn’t gone greyer and I am not referring to Mary’s amazing jackets.

I’m talking equipment.

Gone are the previous mixers. The Great British Bake Off 2015 is all about the kMix and I am telling you, I can see why.


You see last week, myself and around 29 other bloggers attended a baking master class at Wilmslow Cookery School in Cheshire and we got to try out the kMix and make some amazing treats in the process.

As we walked in, we were met with the beautiful sight of 12 jewel coloured mixers and a little squeal of excitement bubbled inside me.


Not only was there a representative from Kenwood, there were two lovelies from Joe’s Blogger’s who organised the trip and, the three chefs who were ready (and very patient) to help.

The kMix was introduced to the Kenwood family in 2006 and it comes with four tools, a glass bowl and a metal bowl.

The flexi-beater impressed me as it prevents mix from sticking to the bowl and, effectively, cleans the bowl for you.

It also comes with a handy splash guard and a fold function for flour.

If I needed any more convincing, the baking was just the icing on the cake.


I teamed up with the lovely Jane from Hodge Podge Days and, having a similar sense of humour, the baking puns and soggy bottoms were awash for the whole eggs-travaganza.

We made meringues first and while I am not usually a fan of them, it didn’t stop me shovelling them into my mouth at any given opportunity.


Sarah, the Mary Berry of Wilmslow, expertly showed us what to do and then each table of bakers got a chef to help. We got the very dishy Brian who was so helpful.

As the meringues cooked, we then tried our (by now very sticky) hands at a chocolate tart. Now I am the queen of ‘just buy ready made pastry’ due to the disasters I have had in the past.


Not any more my friends, not any more.

It was top-tip central for pastry and the K-Mix did most of the work. No painstakingly rubbing the flour and butter together. This was my kind of pastry.

Now I have seen pastry being rolled out with cling film on television cookery programmes and never really given it a second thought.

It really has changed my life (in terms of pastry). I know that might seem dramatic (you know me by now) but it has.

Home made pastry tastes so much better and this chocolate-flavoured desert pastry we made was out of this world.

As it baked-using rice, rather than pastry beads, blind, we made my baking nemesis, the Swiss Roll.

I tried to make a Swiss Roll last year during the Great British Bake Off last year and, despite Mary Berry telling contestants not to over-fill, I either forgot or didn’t listen.


Well, that was a complete disaster and I was determined not to make the same mistake this time.

Guess what?

I did it again.


Not to the extent of last time but there was still a tell-tale crack in my sponge oops.

Next up, we made the chocolate filling for out naughty tarts. Naughty because they were so rich and decadent.

Think chocolate, cream and eggs, all melted together and slipped neatly into the pastry case.


While they were baking in the oven, we got to pipe crème patisserie into our mini meringues and then top with raspberries. We also decorated our Swiss Rolls with meringue and strawberries.


At this point, I was swooning and, I am not going to lie, the raspberry meringues fid not make it home.

As we waited for the tarts to cool down, we were presented with amazing goody bags filled with delightful things like the Kenwood kMix hand mixer which I hugged so tightly, I dented the box.


It is a beauty.

We had such an amazing day and, if just for that afternoon, felt like I could very well be on the Great British Bake Off myself.

I was asked to attend the #CurrysInTheKitchen Introduction to Baking Masterclass and would like to thank Currys PC World, Kenwood, Joe’s Bloggers and the Wilmslow Kitchen Cookery School for my favourite baking experience, ever.













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