Ban Stickers Now



Such a great idea for kids on rainy days.


Ban the stickers. Ban ALL the stickers.

We have had a love-hate relationship with all things sticky since Boo learnt how to stick the blasted things.

From sticking them on my bump when I was pregnant, nothing is safe.

photo 2

I have had stickers on my kitchen chairs…

photo 3

Not to mention the table, the walls in the living room…

photo 1

Even the car is not immune to this child’s love of sticking things.

photo 4

If she stuck them in the actual books that they usually come with, I would not have a problem.
I hate to curtail her artistic flair but,┬áplease, please, for my own sanity and nail varnish, please don’t buy Boo any more stickers, unless you hate me…

photo 1

Or the dog.









  1. Argh I hate stickers. Yesterday I found a gold star stuck to my bottom (how long had it been there? Did people assume I had awarded my fine derriere an award? Which little blighter stuck it on me?).You’re right they should be banned, along with glitter and Mr Maker.

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