BigJigs Rail Hay Barn-A Review

As part of our BigJigs ambassadorship, we were recently sent a BigJigs Hay Barn to review.

Part of the BigJigs rail range, the hay barn is a must for any little farm enthusiasts out there. After all, how else could the hay bales be stored in the loft?

We love that G can watch daddy moving bales about outside and then we can play with this toy inside and bring the farm even more alive.

The Hay Barn is a lovely touch in a world where little details can often be overlooked.

It is a lovely bright red colour with ivy growing up both ends and a cow eating hay on the side.

Underneath the barn is a track so it can be fully integrated with the rest of the BigJigs rail collection.

On top of the barn is a green button with an arrow pointing to the way in which the bully needs to be turned.

When little hands turn the lever, a magnet is moved across the barn to just outside the loft area. From there, the hay bales can be lifted from the train and then the lever gets turned again to put the bales inside.

This is a five piece set, including a magnetic hay bale, a train carriage and two pieces of roof to cover the hay barn.

If I was being picky, I would have liked the roof to either be attached to the barn, or not be included at all because I don’t think it adds anything to the play set.

We don’t use it at all.

The bale and train carriage were a great success though and really captured the imagination of my two an sx year old.

The Hay Barn, like all BigJigs trains are suitable from three years old but, I quite often use my parenting judgement and my two and a half year old absolutely loves them.

It is also compatible with most other wooden train sets.

It’s RRP is £19.99.

*All opinions are my own.


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