Birth Fears With Baby Number Three


When you decide to have another baby, there are lots of things to consider.

Whether it’s number three or 103, have you got room, will you need a new car, can you afford it, can you cope are all things that most people think about.

I must admit, I had my blind-I-want-another-baby head on so these are things which didn’t quite get thought about until those blue lines appeared on the stick and, even then, I pushed it all to the back of my mind until the eight 12 20 week scan. Oops.


Thankfully, most of those things are doable. One child (either Boo or the baby) will have to go in the front seat of my car with the passenger air bag off. We are lucky enough to be able to afford another child (they will be wearing the other children’s cast offs for their whole life so no expense there).

Whether baby is male or female, they will be sharing with G-despite him having the smaller of the two rooms. We just know it will work better for now.

There is however one thing I didn’t think about. Until now.

Maybe, having already had two children, you will thing I am mad to not think of this (maybe I am).

I hadn’t thought about how the baby would come out.

I know.


If you weren’t avid readers through my last pregnancy, I had Boo in the normal way and then naughty G had other ideas and was basically breech from about 32 weeks, he decided to use my pelvis as some kind of stool and he remained with his bottom there and his head on my chest until he was born-by caesarean section because it was deemed too risky to let me give birth naturally to a breech baby.

I am over it. These things happen and, unlike with G, I honestly don’t have my sixth sense that this baby will be breech.

I am literally worried about whichever way I have to do it. How weird is that?

I would go as far as saying that I am as anxious about this birth as I was the first time and, ironically, the first time was the best of the two.

Like last time, I really, really don’t want a caesarean. I know what to expect now and G still requires a fair amount of lifting. Having to look after three children is not my idea of fun whilst recovering from surgery.


The consultant did say though that with my first birth being natural, as long as this baby is not breech, I will be able to have a vaginal birth after caesarean(VBAC). Yay.

That should have calmed my fears but then I read a post by Southern Mummy about the risk of uterine rupture and I am back to being a worrying mess.

The last two babies, I have been pragmatic about birth and just said to myself-they have to come out some way. I have no idea why I am not thinking the same way now.

I will get over it I am sure. I will have to. There are only the two options.

Although I have been wondering if the mythical stork could deliver number three.

Maybe it will happen and I will be driven from the hospital in my magical unicorn carriage.

Were you worried about birth?



  1. Oh I didn’t have very nice experiences either time when I had mine and was definitely just as worried second time. But on the plus side, however they come out they’ll be here and you’ll be happy and these fears will seem like a lifetime ago once baby is keeping you up all night 😉

  2. Oh no I hope my over zealous worrying hasn’t rubbed off too much on you!! The Risk of rupture really is minimal, dont worry!! sending upside down vibes to your little bump!!! xx

  3. I’m watching your blog like a hawk for baby no.3! I have two at the moment but *think* I’d like a third but I’m already worrying about all the things you mention! 3 becomes a whole new ball game and a number you have to actually juggle! Such an exciting time!

    1. I was holding both of their hands last week and thought-what about the third!! Ha ha too late now 😉

  4. I was really worried about labour and birth with baby 3 despite having great pregnancies and reasonable labours with both the other two. Pregnancy makes us a little bit bonkers doesn’t it! If it’s any consolation at all, my labours were shorter each time and this time around I was done within 3hrs, and would have barely smudged my mascara had I been wearing any! I woild just say try not to focus too much on it and see what happens in the 3rd trimester. Fingers crossed you’ll get your vbac x

  5. Aww I’m sure you’ll be fine whatever way baby decides to come out! I was more scared of labour the second time around as I knew exactly how much it hurts! I definitely envy first time mums as they can easily joy the whole ignorance is bliss thing. Hope your pregnancy is going well xx #maternitymondays

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