Book Nook February 2017


With Valentine’s Day in February, I thought love could be the theme of our Book Nook this month.

In true style though, G had other ideas and his favourite title has been 123 Farm by Rod Campbell which has been carried around everywhere. He loves farm books so I think the love theme has been upheld.


I love how both children love books. They spend hours looking at them, bringing them to me to read and re-arranging our book shelf. If that is the only thing they learn off me, I will be happy.


Guess How Much I Love You was the natural choice for the book nook with the classic tail of how much a parent loves their child.

I like promoting the fact that love doesn’t have to be of the romantic kind-just look at the success of the film Frozen.


One of my favourite children’s books to read to the kids is the Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis. It is a beautifully illustrated tale of love and how, sometimes, if you love something enough, you have to let it go. It really is worth a read. We originally borrowed it from the library a few times but on one visit, when we were particularly in need of a Bog Baby fix, it was already out on loan so I had to buy it for ourselves and I am so glad I did.


I love reading but with the farm, the blog and the children, I don’t always read as much as I would like to. I know there are some bloggers-Hayley from Home is a great example who is a prolific reader so it can be done and I love catching up with her recommendations.

She and some other readers set themselves a task each January to read a certain amount of books in that year.

I did something similar but kept it realistic for me this year and choose one book a month.

I managed it in January and I am very pleased to say I exceeded the target in February by reading two titles-the only silver lining of waiting for antenatal appointments.


For the first one, I was attracted by the baby theme and read reality TV star Sam Faier’s book, My Baby and Me. What else would pass the time better in a room full of pregnant women? I love TOWIE and I loved Sam’s spin-off Mummy Diaries programme so the book was the obvious next step for me. It was actually really good. Sam is a big advoate of doing things that are right for the individual-baby and parents which I think is a breath of fresh air in a world of strict dos and don’ts of the usual parenting manual world.


My second book of the month was The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I first read the book 20 years ago and, on looking back at my 40 before 40 list of activities, I realised I was some months on from writing said list with not one thing ticked off. So re-reading Margaret Atwood books was the most doable at this time.

I could not put the book down. It is a masterpiece of prophetic fiction with eerily striking parallels with some things happening in society today. I finished it in record time and put in another order for the Blind Assasin so I am hoping I have re-read that before the baby arrive.


March is World Book Day so I am hoping to do a Book Nook WBD special.

What have you been reading this month?


  1. Thanks for the mention Emma, I’m really enjoying reading more and more now the boys are getting older. It’s so nice to carve out a bit of time for me. Handmaid’s Tale is on my list to re-red this year, it’s always been one of my favourites and is particularly relevant now too! Blind Assassin is great too but I prefer Handmaids Tale. Hope you get chance to read it before baby arrives 🙂

  2. Emma I didn’t know you did these Book Nook posts! I’ve been writing a post called Sunday Book Club each week for a few weeks now, so maybe I will get some inspiration from you! X

  3. I want to read The Handmaid’s Tale too – reread 1984 last month.
    Have you read the kids “there’s a hole in the road” – and any of the Hairy McClary – they were firm favourites in this house.

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