Siblings-February 2017

We have had a lovely month for our second Siblings project. Both children have had their birthdays.

Boo was six a couple of days after the last post published and G was two at the end of January.

As the month went on, I realised how hard it is to get a nice photo of them posed together. With them both actually looking at the camera. If anyone has any tips for this, they would be gratefully received.

Despite loving the bones of each other and usually being with in half a metre of the other one, getting them to sit down or stand up next to each other is becoming hard.


Put them on a quad bike and they will be there, both at least one smiling at the camera.

I have decided to try and relax a little about it and accept that they prefer a less-staged photo.

I can cope with that.

Back to the birthdays.


There was quite a bit of cake involved which at least seemed to anchor them both to the same spot.

Then I bought them (another) matching outfit-I bought one for the baby too so we will have to see how that goes. I do love them matching.


They got a little farm vehicle which was a great success at first until Boo decided she was too important to actually press the pedal with her foot but G’s little leg wasn’t quite long enough.


I am confident that in a couple of months (or sooner at the rate this boy seems to grow) G will be whizzing around the farm and Boo will be begging for a lift.

I reviewed a Snuggle Sac and this was a very easy way of getting them photographed together-simply because I could zip them both in.


They are still lovely with each other. Boo is not a huggy child. Indeed, I usually have to bribe her to hug me (with a biscuit) but G is the most huggy child that ever lived and he doesn’t even ask his sister. He just climbs on and hugs her. It is lovely.


She obviously continues to play hard to get with everyone but her method works as it just makes her even more in demand.

I will never tire of hearing them both laughing together. I am never sure what they are laughing about but I don’t think that matters. They think whatever is funny is hilarious and that is good enough for me.

The ironic thing is though that while this is only my second time of joining in with the Siblings Project, it is very likely that is will be the last time of having the two siblings together.

Next month, I am hoping a new baby brother or sister will be joining them on their botched, mummy photo shoots.

That’s right. I will be trying to get three little faces to look at the camera.


Wish me luck with that one.

I think before the arrival of any baby, parents worry about how their other children will react. I am actually confident that Boo will be ok this time. She knows the score. G on the other hand is my biggest worry.

I think apart from the obvious attention etc, children find to hard to understand that this new little sibling who they have been promised as a new play mate, can’t actually do anything other than feed and cry for a good few months.

There is nothing I can do about that though. Let’s see what the next month brings.


For now, they can continue in their little gang of two.

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  1. Ah the one of them on the tractor is so cute! I sometimes struggle to get my two to stand or sit still for long enough without falling about laughing or running off so I opt for taking from a distance and just capture the moment rather than asking them to smile x

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