Bowling at Tenpin Warrington- A Review

Finding activities for your children during the school holidays is never easy. For some reason, bowling has never really entered my mind. I suppose I thought they were a bit young.

When Tenpin got in touch to attend the launch of their new bowling alley in Warrington though, I thought why not.

It is not the bowling I remembered from when I was young. As long as you don’t have open toed shoes on or high heels, you don’t have to wear the attractive bowling shoes.

Ever the one to wear appropriate footwear, only I had to trade my thinly sandals in for bowling shoes.

When you walk in you go through an amusement arcade area with grab machines and the like. The children (7, 3 and 17 months) were amazed by this.

The bowling alley is at the back of the building and, you turn left to go to a bar which is also where you pay for your games, order refreshments and change your shoes.

We opted for one game as we weren’t sure how the kids would be. We had nothing to worry about.

Once we had programmed all of our names in, off we went. Bumpers were placed either side of the lane to help the little ones (and me) and we even got a bowling ramp so the children could get their speed up even though they are small.

It was very hot in there but the fruit shoots flowed, the music was playing and the lights were bright and exciting.

Each child was so excited for their turn-apart from George, 3 who wanted to take everyone else’s turn as well as his own.

He got the hang of the turn taking in the end and the game contined.

Call it beginners luck but I am pleased to say my first two shots were strikes. I know. I couldn’t believe it myself.

There were a few embarrassing incidents like the ball stopping half way up the alley, a ball getting stuck on the side bit-despite the bumpers (I call that skill) and a certain baby trying to run after the ball.

What surprised me most of all was how much the baby enjoyed it and participated in the game.

In terms of value, it costs a lot less than going to the cinema. It is £7.95 per game for adults and £6.45 for juniors. The price is less per game as you book more but I think one game is enough for children at the age mine are at.

The meals are quite reasonable too-a children’s chicken bites with fries comes in at £4.10 while a sharing kids platter for 2 is £7.80 and I think my three could easily share that.

There is also a vegetarian option on both the adult and children’s menu and, best of all, they serve my favourite, nachos at just £3.60.

There is a table tennis and pool area if you was a break from bowling and a really bright and comfortable cafe area to recharge after your game.

I am so sorry that I have not thought of bowling before but I am so pleased that Tenpin is right on our doorstep.

There are 45 Tenpin bowling alleys across the country. We visited the Warrington which is at Winwick Quay (at the site of the old LA Bowl).
We were invited to the opening for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


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