Siblings, September 2021


We seemed to have packed loads into the last month. We kicked it all off with a failed trip to Sealife in Manchester where we didn’t actually go in because you had to pre-book.

We spent a lot of time in fields again as the farmer was busy getting the harvest in so picnics happened quite frequently. 


We visited the  National Trust’s Dunham Massey with my parents which was lovely and one of our favourite places.

We also visited Bents, our local garden centre which we haven’t visited since before the virus so that was nice too.


Farm playing, fun, dog walks and games were in order before the inevitable happened and school loomed.

My daughter went back two days before the boys so we made the most of our time and I took them to the cinema and our local bowling centre which you also had to prebook for so they only went on the arcade games. They had never been on any before though and they loved it.

The second day we went to National Trust’s Speke Hall which was brilliant with a woodland trail, maze, cafe and play area.


Then they all went to school. All of them and I feel like I am missing a limb. I think I cried for the first four days and they were all really tired.

On the first Friday night we went to the pond after tea for a treat and the first weekend I just let them play and go at their own pace as a full week in school really tired them mentally.

The youngest has done really well starting school and by all accounts it has brought the boys closer together as they play together at lunch time in school which I think is absolutely lovely and just shows how close they are. It certainly makes up for the arguments they have at home.


So not to a very different month with snatched moments in the evenings and at weekends.

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