Joining the National Trust

If you had asked me in my teens and early twenties what I thought being middle aged was, I would have probably said owning a chest freezer, driving a family car and being members of the National Trust.

Indeed I think I offended an older work colleague once when I joked ‘you’ll be National Trust members next’ and she blushed and said they already were.

So it seems hilarious to me that in the year I become 40, I own a chest freezer, drive a sensible car and I too have entered into the realms of National Trust Membership.

It happened by accident really. The children and I went on an Easter egg hunt at Dunham  Massey which is out nearest property and I became enthralled by the beauty of the place.

The children too enjoyed it immensely and, while it was over £25 for us all to get in and £7 to park, if I paid £6.50 a month I would get in for free with the children and get the parking free too.

Not only that, there are quite a few other places to visit near to us so it seemed a good idea because we would have access to the free days out.

I know some people will be surprised that we leave the wide open spaces of the farm for more wide open spaces but everyone needs a change of scenery and my kids like a day trip like anyone else.


There was no point paying for a family membership because, with the farmer working, I usually take the children for days out on my own and, if he does ever come, he will just have to pay single entry so our option works best for us.

I honestly felt at ease at Dunham Massey. Maybe it will become our happy place. I also feel excited that we have the whole summer ahead of us to explore many more places together and maybe share them with you but if not, I am sure I will be sharing snaps to social media.

I may have laughed at other National Trust members before but it is they who can laugh now because I have missed out on such beauty on my doorstep for all this time.

Where will our wellies take us next?


  1. I have a theory about National Trust properties that with 3 children in tow there is always somewhere to park the car, toilets, somewhere to run/play and somewhere to buy a cup of tea – what more could you want?! Ideal when meeting up with friends who live further away, you can choose a NT property ‘in the middle’ and feel happy going somewhere new that it is a ‘known quantity’.

  2. Haha, welcome to middle age! I have been there for quite some time, our NT membership renews automatically these days, I can’t even remember how many years we’ve had it. Best investment ever though, you’ll get so many hours of fun from it.

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