Siblings, April 2019

This month’s sibling’s relationships is largely sponsored by lambing. The children are playing lambing when they are inside and helping with lambing when they are out.

Our middle boy is a natural with animals but his little brother is yet to have the gentle gene kick in. We have to watch him closely as he can be very rough-especially with fragile lambs or animals like to kick or bite.

G was never like that so I don’t really know how to stop it. I have tried ignoring it, telling him off, taking him away and demonstrating how to be gentle with them. I think it is probably his age and he will grow out of it-I hope so anyway.

We have joined the National Trust so we have visited our nearest property a couple of times and they took part in an Easter egg hunt there which was great fun.

There has been quite a lot of love between them this month. Obviously they still fight but real hugs have been lovely to watch and lots of playing together-especially with their mud kitchen which we have had for ages but has only recently put together.

They are all currently on Easter holidays and I don’t think I have ever made so many picnics. I love how excited they are about the prospect of eating outside, sat on the floor. It is so lovely and I hope it continues for a long time to come.

We learnt about herbs at the latest Junior Farmer’s club and they all enjoyed that and got to bring some home they had planted.

I also took the boys to a petting farm near us (busman’s holiday) and they had a ride on a donkey each which I think I liked watching more than they liked riding.

So we have Easter to look forward to and the start of the summer term-the last term of G at nursery. School is looming for him in September and we will find out if he got into our first choice of school. He is definitely ready, I’m just not sure if I am.

Let’s hope for more sunny spring days.

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