Farm Life April 2019

In the last month, lambing has just about exploded. We have pet lambs coming out of our ears and the lambing shed is actually starting to look a bit quieter which is a relief for us all.

All in all, it has gone well. You have to be pragmatic about it sometimes. Remember my post Where there’s Livestock There’s Deadstock? That can never be truer than at lambing time but, overall, we have had a successful lambing 2019.

There was one tiny little lamb which we named Minne. She was the cutest thing and I willed her to live. Unfortunately, despite a lot of time and effort, it was just not to be. She was half the size of the other lambs and, after five days, still refused to get up on her feet.

We tried and I am not ashamed to say, I shed a little tear for poor Minnie. 

The other pet lambs seem to be thriving. I have selected our pet. It is a ewe lamb called Woolly and she is the cutest thing. I am half thinking we will need two pet lambs so that they can keep each other company. I obviously haven’t broken this bit of news to the farmer yet.

The chicks are all off heat and currently in the field in a coop but not yet free ranging as they need to be a bit bigger. We have the two point of lay but still no eggs so I am hoping by this time next month we will be getting at least two eggs a day. The numbers of chickens are a bone of contention. The farmer keeps saying every time he looks in, more have appeared. This may or may not be true.

The truth is, I think a lot of people have rehouse chicks from school hatching projects and changed their minds so I have just been doing my bit to help these people out. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

I am still bleating on to get the big hen coop reinstated but it needs a new door and a new floor and with lambing being the most important thing at them moment, t coop restoration will have to wait.

That’s about it really. The alpacas are guarding the lambs on the field and the goats are just being goats really. Cheeky and a bit daft.

The ducks are hilarious. We no longer have to go to the pond to see and feed them. I just shout “ducks” and they all come waddling in a line, let the children stroke them and take food from our hand. They really are the most delightful creatures and they are so happy on the pond.

What will the next month bring?


  1. Aww your ducks sound like great fun. Sorry to hear about Minnie, I would have been upset too. Great that the alpacas are guarding the lambs, you were definitely right about getting them! I look forward to hearing more about the escapades of your pet lamb!

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