1. EntallyGardener

    Are you sure you’re counting your chickens correctly? There are specific rules to keep in mind while counting:

    1. You do not count any eggs in the incubator because you don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
    2. You don’t count chickens that were given as a gift because they were a present and are more properly considered a gift rather than a chicken.
    3. You do not count any bird under 18 weeks old because they are too young to lay eggs so they are considered juveniles rather than chickens.
    4. You don’t count bantams because bantams are considered bantams rather than chickens.
    5. You don’t count ornamental birds because they are ornamental and are considered yard art, folk art, or fine art rather than chickens.
    6. You don’t count birds beyond laying age because they’re retired and don’t lay eggs and are considered retirees rather than chickens.
    7. You don’t count birds in moult because they’re are in moult and missing feathers so cannot be properly considered as complete chickens.
    8. You don’t count males because they are protectors of the flock and are more accurately considered guard dogs rather than chickens.
    9. You don’t count laying hens because they produce eggs and thus are more accurately described as a food source rather than chickens.
    10. You don’t count sick or injured birds because they are sick or injured and their disposition is in question so they go on the injured or sick list not on your list of chickens.
    11. You don’t count birds that are for sale or possibly for sale because they belong or will belong to someone else.
    12. You don’t count broody hens because you can’t even get close enough to count them.
    13. You don’t count freeloading chickens because they’re not producing eggs, therefore they are defective chickens.

    Thus, if you follow the rules (and it is always good to follow the rules) you may only count healthy full size female chickens that are not in moult and not a gift and are of laying age but not laying.

    Happy counting! We’ve officially got no chooks

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      I LOVE this. Than you so much for taking the time to comment and you definitely win the prize for the most amazing comment ever 🙂 We have none either 😉

  2. Absolutely NO chickens here then either – I best see if the local market has any for sale when I go this week as to be chickenless would be a sad state of affairs!

    A great post to add to #AnimalTales – thank you!

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