Organising Farm Life- The Command Centre

I have managed to cope with having two children at school and one at nursery for the last six years but, when the youngest started, I began to worry that I was going to forget something.

PE multiplied by three, after school clubs multiplied by three, reading books multiplied by three-you get the picture.

As the summer holidays drew to a close, I could feel the panic mounting and, as I mentioned it to my friend, she introduced me to something ground breaking (to me).


I originally thought it must be something to do with the cockpit of a fighter jet but no.

Essentially a Command Centre is purely an area where you can list all activities, menus, appointments and invitations in one place.

You could probably do it with just a memo or white board but just search for Command Centre on Pinterest. It blew my mind.

As the all trouped off to school, this mama trouped off to IKEA and I bought a white board, black board, things for hanging and a photo shelf which I use to put things I need to remember to send to school-reading books and spelling books.

I am trying to get organised meal planning too so I forced myself to choose seven meals for the week ahead and write them on the blackboard.

I suppose the main point of the Command Centre is to make you feel more organised but, as it takes over a fair area of wall, it also has to look nice.

I can definitely see the benefit of beautiful written, cursive letters up there but, at the time, I organised it to make myself feel better and I can always write it out nicely at a later point.

So as well as being useful, the Command Centre should also look nice and, just as families do, it will most probably evolve to meet out needs. This is another reason I resisted the permanent marker at first. I wanted to try it in action.

So every Sunday. I look at the calendar and transfer any important dates onto my Command Centre and it instantly makes me feel calmer. I think it is just one step on from the list making that many people take part in.

Ironically, there was once a chalkboard painted on this wall but it got painted over to hang a dresser top. At this point in my life, I felt that organisation was worth more than pottery. Who would have thought?

How do you remember everything?

*This post is dedicated to my amazing friend who inspired me to build the Command Centre and perpetually puts up with my idiotic ways. You know who you are xx

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