1. I find it’s not too bad at this time of year! I have only just got my two to sleep to about 6 since the clocks last changed though and I’m hoping I might actually get a lie in until 7 once the clocks change!

  2. I am dreading it as my two little terrors are early risers too. Last summer was hell as my son was about 9 month and he woke at 5 every morning. We too have black out blind and curtains and the blooming light still gets in, bricking up the window sounds like a marvellous idea to me xx

  3. Ha ha! I love the lighter evenings but the early morning wake ups are a killer! You’ve reminded me to do a post about adjusting bedtime for when the clocks go back, but I’ve no idea how to keep them in bed for the early mornings!

  4. I love a nice dark bedroom I do! mine as well as the children’s! We too have blackout blinds and curtains (I am glad it is not just me trying to gain every minute of sleep possible!) and hope that the change will not affect Little 3 too much, he has only started sleeping until gone 7, three weeks ago he was getting up at 5.30. #maternitymondays

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