Buying Gifts for Children Made Easy with Wicked Uncle

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There’s one thing about your child starting primary school which you cannot escape from and that is a deluge of party invites.

For us, it started before she had even started school as some children with very early September birthdays, sent invites out in July.

If there are 30 children in your child’s class, that is essentially, 30 parties you will be invited to.

What on earth do you buy as gifts?

I can usually cope with gifts for girls who are the same age as Boo but with G being so much younger, gifts for boys can leave me scratching my head.

I am 100 per cent sure a 5 year old would not be impressed with a Twirlywoo which I know would be a winner for G.

I was recently contacted by Wicked Uncle. They are a brilliant website which you visit, select the sex and age of the recipient, press search and wait for a deluge of age-appropriate gifts to choose from-for every budget.

In the interests of experimentation, I put in G’s sex and age and was so impressed with what was on offer.

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You can even choose whether to buy for an adventurer, something snuggly, creative gifts, outdoorsy toys or books and games.

It took me ages to choose because the choice was so great.

For G I opted for a squashy, ‘my first tool set’.


The I looked at what was on offer for girls and I was not disappointed. Yet another long choosing session ensued and I eventually opted for a lovely Melissa and Doug stable set.


The gifts arrived with a lovely note and my children were delighted.


I am not going to lie, being the biggest animal lover after his mother, G loves the horses as much as the tool kit and Boo also loves both toys.


I think Wicked Uncle is such a brilliant idea. It takes the stress out of picking a present and stops you worrying about whether you got it right. You can’t fail to get it right.


You can have the gift delivered straight to the birthday boy or girl or have it delivered to yourself so you can see the reaction when the gift is given.


It is also a great idea for children who may live a long way from you. Not only will you get the present right but you can include a personal note too which I think adds to the joy.

I am so relieved to have found Wicked Uncle. I just wish I had found them at the start of Reception.

*We were given a gift voucher at Wicked Uncle for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.Screenshot 2016-07-02 22.49.35


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