Celebrate Great British Beef Week for the Whole Year

Great British Beef Week is coming to an end now but the whole point of such awareness weeks is to encourage the general public to get behind the cause, find out about it in the awareness week and then carry on supporting it for the rest of the year.

Great British Beef Week is a national celebration of our fantastic home produced beef – designed to tantalise the taste buds and put some sizzle in our succulent steaks, Sunday roasts, cottage pies, and stir fries.

The NFU president Minette Batters is calling on the British public to get behind Great British Beef Week, which comes to a close on April 30.

Minette, who was elected as the NFU’s first female leader in 110 years in February, is a champion of British beef and a co-founder of Ladies in Beef – the driving force behind Great British Beef Week. Ladies in Beef is a group of more than 150 female beef farmers who care passionately about what they do.

Minette said: ”We first established Ladies in Beef to tell the story of British Red Tractor assured beef. As a mother and a consumer myself, I really value British beef as part of a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet, and appreciate the vital role livestock production plays in the management of our beautiful countryside. It’s these messages that I want to communicate to others.”

The advantages of eating beef as part of a healthy and balanced diet can be easily overlooked.
This year’s Great British Beef Week campaign will focus on the benefits of eating thin cuts – which are readily available at most supermarkets and provide a quick and easy wholesome meal, ideal for midweek

Jilly Greed, also a co-founder of Ladies in Beef, said: “Thin cuts are a great way of shaking up midweek mealtimes. They’re robust in flavour and you can cook them in minutes. They’re lean and an underrated source of protein and iron, as well as eight essential vitamins and minerals.”

Jilly went on: “As professional beef farmers, we know the work that goes into producing the very best British beef. But as shoppers and mums, we also know how challenging it can be to provide healthy and nutritious meals, seven days a week.”

The campaign is all about celebrating the quality and versatility of a real British hero-our beef sector.

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I) is supporting the campaign as charity partner. R.A.B.I helps farming people in financial hardship, giving out grants of around £2m per year. Paul Burrows, R.A.B.I CEO, said: “If everyone bought just 10 per cent more British food every week it would greatly transform British agriculture and farmers’ lives.”

Devon-based Jilly added: “Just by buying British beef, you’ll be doing your bit for the farming industry. During campaign week, we’d love to see British beef on more menu and special boards and if you can’t dine out, why not put beef on the menu at home? In addition to thin cuts, why not try our speedy curry recipe?”

For more info and tasty recipes visit their website, Twitter or Facebook.

Also, vote with your feet. Only buy British.


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