1. Here in Wales we have had the plastic bag charge. You see lots of people with their arms absolutely full walking out the shop, having forgotten bags but refusing to pay for one! x

  2. I totally agree yet I’m the same as you! I really want to do it but every time I get to the shops I’ve forgotten to bring my bag for life or forget to get it from the boot of my car before my shop! You’ve reminded me to make more of an effort to remember! 🙂

  3. We have been paying for ours for a good while in Wales and you do get used to it. Just keep all the cotton bags you get at blogging events in the car, when you bring your shopping in hang the bags on the door handle ready for you to take back to the car, that way you never forget them(unless you exit out of a different door).
    Like Catriona said you do see people attempting to juggle.

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