Costa Blanca: The Perfect Holiday Destination

Don’t you love a sun-filled summer getaway to Spain? It’s become one of the most popular countries for holidaymakers in recent years, and with its glorious weather, stretches of golden sand, and bustling resorts, it’s easy to see why.

One must-visit area is the country’s stunning Costa Blanca. From its 200 kilometres of captivating coastline and secret coves to historic sites and quaint fishing villages, this is the ultimate holiday destination. 

Here’s a look at some of the highlights.   

Beautiful Beaches

If you’re travelling to the Costa Blanca for a beach holiday, you’re in luck. The area is home to 57 Blue Flag beaches, so you can enjoy a paddle in beautifully clear waters. Alicante alone has over 170 beaches and coves for you to explore, including the white sands at San Juan beach and Tabarca Island, which is the only inhabited island in the Valencia region. 

Away from Alicante, you can head north to the mountain region of Marina Alta, home to cliffs that meet the sea and overlook the beaches at Benissa and Denia. Of course, if you’re after a lively break, there’s always Benidorm! This vibrant city will always be popular with tourists. 

Fabulous Festivals

There are plenty of fiestas and festivals held across the country throughout the year, but during the spring and summer months things really ramp up. There’s Alicante’s Hogueras de San Juan (the Bonfires of Saint John) festival, which takes place in June and features a parade of paper maché heads, music and fireworks. 

Or perhaps you’d like to arrive in time for the Feria de Mayo? This fiesta takes place at Torrevieja fairground in May and features flamenco music and stalls. It’s well worth planning your holiday around these major festivals as the Spanish know how to throw a party! 

Cultured Trips

If you love nothing more than a bit of culture during your big summer escape, then you have plenty to explore in the Costa Blanca. In the province of Alicante there are 100 castles to discover, as well as defence towers and other historic sites. 

Whether you’re in a hotel or you’re staying at a self-catering property, such as the selection by Villa Plus, you’ll be able to use your holiday accommodation as a base and plan out where you’d like to go. Follow the Tudmir Castle route or explore the Key to the Kingdom and soak up the region’s messy past. 

Whatever you look for in a holiday, you’re sure to find it in the Costa Blanca. 

What will you do while you’re holidaying here? Will you hit the beach or are you looking forward to partying with the locals? 




*This is a collaborative post


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