Definately a farmer’s daughter at the playground

So this week we visited our local garden centre to have lunch for my mum’s birthday.
Boo and I were early so we headed to the outdoor play area.
There were climbing frames galore and lots of ride-on toys to choose from.

Ever the farmer’s daughter though, Boo went straight for the tractor.

play tractor
She loves tractors.
She always asks Daddy to take her on his real one and he (usually) agrees.

real tractor
I was quite impressed she got on the toy tractor to be honest. We bought her a bike last year and she wasn’t keen on it. I think she didn’t feel safe.
However, nursery has a few ride-ons so, I think going on them there has increased her confidence and she loved her play on the garden centre’s tractor.
I’ve looked online to buy her one but they are quite expensive to buy. One similar to the one she was playing on was £100 on the internet so I am busily scouring eBay and preloved for a pre-owned farm vehicle.
Despite Boo having the real thing here, I think she would really love a mini version of Daddy’s.

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  1. Aww loving the pictures of her on daddy’s tractor! So cute and lovely that she went for the tractor when you were out! These toys are so expensive aren’t they? Thank goodness for ebay!! Xx #countrykids

  2. We seemed to spend hours watching tractors when my son was that age. Bless all the farmers who stopped and let him sit in the cab. Tractors really are a hit. Even now he is older. Hope you find a mini tractor. #CountryKids

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