Word of the Week: (new) Blog

My word of the week this week is… (new)

new blog wotw

I have had a blog redesign this week including a professional photo shoot-get me!

I have never had photos taken professionally-except for my wedding but I don’t think they count because you don’t pose as such.
So recently I decided to have my blog redesigned. I’d done it myself up until now-including a shoddy banner which I put together myself on PicMonkey.

blog header
I have decided that to be taken seriously as a blogger, my blog needed to look the part so, after a lot of research, I found Jen from Magic Feather Design who was recommended to me by my blogging wonder woman and mentor, Colette Burgess from We’re Going on Adventure.
Some how, Jen managed to fathom what I meant. This is the brief I sent her:

“I like bright and eye catching but I can’t seem to marry bright with farming!! I love polka dots but am worried about colour. I love pink but want it to look farmy too. I would like the farm and the mummy side on the design if possible.”

Yes. The poor woman. Somehow she managed it though and, I love it. So, to go with the new design, I needed a new photo of myself so I decided to book in at my local photography studio, Studio 54.

photo shoot
The photographer, Martin O’Neill has photographed some amazing people including Morrisey so it seemed only right that I was next on his list.
I was so nervous when I arrived at his studio in Culcheth, Warrington, but he put me right at ease. I was there over an hour while he snapped away. I even had straw in my hair at one point to emphasise the farmer bit of my blog and I was also joined by a duck puppet which I suppose represents both the farmer’ wife and the mummy aspect.
I had an amazing time and, if I’m honest, I felt a bit like a celebrity.

I was later emailed 60 photos to choose from and I found it so hard to pick.
I went for a straight one in the end rather than the straw or the duck.
That may well be my only celebrity-style photo shoot and I am really happy with it. Martin does do a whole host of packages though so I may go back for a family portrait at some point.
To find out more about the lovely Jen at Magic Feather Design. Visit:
Martin O’Neil’s Studio 54 can be found here: www.studiofivefour.com


And….ta daaaaa…. new blog

The Reading Residence


  1. You look gorgeous – but you’d still have looked lovely with a straw in your hair…

    Well done…

    Check out the WordPress newspaper I’ve launched for my hometown – we aren’t official until Monday but we have been quietly putting up content for what we hope will be East Grinstead’s first ever community news site…

    I’m whacked, but we have had really good interest…and lots of lovely people are coming on board to provide us with content – including an allotment cook and mummy! If only you were nearer! Also having a town wine expert do us a wine of the week piece… Our MP has sent a good luck message for Monday and I am trying to get one out of Peter Andre too as he has a business in the town…When that book you asked me to read turned out to be unsuitable, I can’t ay I was altogether sorry as I have been up to my eyes, and it was rather long! So well done us Miss Emma ~I wish I looked half so gorgeous!

  2. It looks amazing, as do you! Jen did my redesign, too, and had to work with a similarly vague brief – poor woman, she is a miracle worker! I love it all, and think it looks professional and totally you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. I love the little picture at the top its so cute! Its funny both you and Jocelyn having vague briefs, I didn’t have mine done by Jen but Helen from All At Sea and I had an incredibly specific brief – I even drew a picture! Either way I think we have all got our money’s worth! #wotw

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