Double Chocolate Heart Biscuits


Tea and coffee is consumed in copious amounts in our house. It couldn’t really be a good farm house kitchen without the kettle being on most of the day.

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Obviously you need a biscuit with your brew. We wouldn’t be British otherwise would we?

So here is my recipe for double chocolate heart biscuits.

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You will need:

4oz softened butter
2oz sugar (you can use less as they are sweet from the chocolate)
6 oz plain flour
1 egg yolk
100g packet of chocolate chips
200g chocolate for melting. I used milk but dark would also be good.
Spray oil for greasing (I used Coconut)

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Set oven to 180 degrees (I don’t use the fan oven for baking).

Grease one-two baking trays with the spray oil

Cream together the butter and sugar and then add the egg yolk and stir in.
Sift the flour over the creamed mixture and mix until fully combined and the texture of sticky dough.
Stir in the chocolate chips.
Wrap in cling film and chill.
When cold, roll between two pieces of cling film.
The mixture is very sticky so you could roll out on flour but it seemed to work well on the cling film with the added advantage that you could transfer it from the cutter to the baking tray with ease.
Cut out your chosen shapes. I made hearts for a bit of romance on the farm.

Bake for six-10 minutes and keep checking until they are slightly golden.
I put the timer on for six minutes and kept going up in twos.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or over a bowl of water on the stove.
The design is up to you. I did some with the chocolate going across the top and some so that half of the heart was covered vertically. If you really love chocolate, you could even dunk the whole biscuit in.

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I melted the chocolate in quite a deep container so I could literally dip the biscuits in.

They are quite fragile so do be careful. Some didn’t make it but Hubster took care of them for me.

Put them back on the wire rack for the chocolate to set.

They’re not perfect but then neither is love so I think they are quite apt.

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They are a perfect treat any time but maybe a little gift for Valentine’s Day?


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