Easter Holiday Joys

eas col 1

Our Easter holidays are at an end. Tomorrow Boo is back at nursery and, while I will be glad to have the house tidy for at least half a day, I have really enjoyed it.

The difference between this break and the last when I was still recovering from the c-section and when we were all getting used to having a new baby is massive. I can drive again for a start and we seem to have packed a lot in.

From Easter egg hunts to a trip on a train to see Cbeebies Live in Manchester. Boo got in our first choice of school and, because our second choice was in a different local authority, we got an acceptance letter from them too.

We haven’t stopped but the fortnight has made me think about the things we do for our children and what joy, even the little things make. Especially because my first baby will be starting school in September. I am clinging to these days with everything I have.

From first, proper smiles…



To the absolute look of joy at actually seeing Mr Tumble,


This is what being a parent is all about for me.

Them and their happiness.

I am actually looking forward to the next half term.

eas col 2


  1. Oh sounds like a really lovely time and I’m so happy for you that you’ve started driving again 🙂 that’s one of my most favourite things ever!

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