1. Absolutely agree with all of this and so well written – thank you. Yes, we all need to eat less meat and we need to see the end of intensively reared cattle raised on soya grown on deforested areas but that doesn’t mean we can never eat steak again. And if going vegan means eating avocados and almond milk etc, these too have large environmental footprints. Veganuary never talks about local food and food miles or palm oil and deforestation or plastic packaging and these have to be addressed as well as the meat eating and carbon emissions. So our dinner tonight was our own home reared pork with home grown potatoes and seasonal veg. Zero packaging, all local, organic veg and hormone and antibiotic free meat. Tomorrow we will eat vegetarian ( we alternate veggie and meat eating days) and although I don’t yet know what it will be it will be locally produced.

  2. As another Farmers wife I couldn’t agree more – eating in season, locally sourced produce is the key to a greener more sustainable planet! Most foods promoted as pro vegan (beans, rice, lentils etc) have huge air miles. Where is the sustainability in this as a food source! I hope to be able to grow a lot of my own fruit and veg this year, we have our own chickens producing fresh eggs and all our meat is bought from a local butcher who names this weeks meat suppliers (always local).

  3. Great post Emna. (Although i do love an avocado and sufar snap peas, and am currently using coconut flour as a flour replacement on my keto based diet)

    This is definitely what should ve remembered whatever you eat. About seasonality and local

  4. Well said, and a timely reminder to eat seasonally. I do my best to do this but it is harder in winter. I think that knowing, understanding and caring where your food comes from is incredibly important whatever sort of diet you follow.

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