1. Hi Emma. I love your pond! How many sheep do you have? Do you have a plan for the alpcas? I know fleeces can be quite valuable, financially or to those who want to make quilts etc. My “other” friend who has them said when they transported them home they had to keep walking them around a service station for a walk and take some of their poo as they didn’t seem to want to “go” in a new place they hadn’t before…? We have lost chooks and ducks to attacks but hope to replenish stocks next weekend as the new gates and fencing for the enclosures should be finished this weekend. We intend getting 4 Khaki Campbell if we can, love them, and then we get chickens from a local farm where they let us have year old chooks, still laying well enough for us, as £2 a pop so will get 10 or 12. Love that last photo; chicken held in muddy fingers and a lovely look in your boy’s eye. Really enjoy your writing style.

  2. Aww sorry to hear about your auction ducks but it’s great that you have rehomed some and made them so happy! I am very excited to hear about your alpacas too! I hope lambing goes well.

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