R.I.P. Minty, The Best Sheep That Ever Lived


I don’t really know how to write this post. Pets are a funny thing and, can often divide people.

There are usually pet-lovers and pet-haters. I don’t necessarily mean they would hurt and animal but they don’t really understand how people can love an animal and be upset when they are ill or have died.


Thankfully, it seems most of my friends are lovers. At the beginning of the week, I asked for healing thoughts for my beloved pet sheep, Minty.

He had been off for a couple of days and we didn’t really think anything of it.


At this time of year, Hubster usually tops up the ram’s feed with sheep nuts to nourish them for the mating season.

Last year was much the same. The nuts that were laid out for the rams were eaten rather too enthusiastically by Minty who was a greedy boy.

A couple of days of sitting down and starving himself did the trick and he was right as rain again.


By Monday, it was clear that Minty was not going to leap back this time around so I Googled sheep bloat which is what we suspected he had.

Apparently bloat is what cattle and sheep get If they gorge on lush grass or change the type of food they consume.

It seems Minty had Grain Poisoning which is much worse.

Last year, he was very, very lucky. This year he was not.


After Googling, we tried bicarbonate of soda to act as an antacid and Buscopan which a lot of people use for horses but nothing was working and he was getting worse.

The Last Pic of Minty on Monday Night
The Last Pic of Minty on Monday Night

By tea time Monday night though he lifted his head when the children and I entered the barn where he lay and, even though Hubster said don’t get your hopes up, I didn’t listen.


I called on a friend of mine who had previously cured a sheep using Reiki and I asked her to have a go on Minty.

It was lovely to watch and he actually fell asleep and looked so peaceful.

I went to bed worried but with hope that by some miracle the dogs would go mad in the night because he would get up and try to return to his field.

It was not to be.

I woke up early. Before six, and crept across the farm yard in my nightie with a torch to check on him.

No dogs had barked so I knew he was still there and I dreaded turning the light on.


Unfortunately, Minty was too ill and did not make it.

I know he is ‘only a sheep’ and we have many of them but Minty was special.

He always came over for a stroke or a Weetabix at Christmas. He was part of our farm family and there is a gaping hole in the front field where his distinctive bleat is no longer filling the air.


No one can accuse me of lacking perspective when it comes to the health of others and, I know in the grand scheme of things, it is the health of people that matter but I still mourn my lovely Mintball who has been part of the family for almost four years.

The worst part of it is that I had always imagined he would die an old sheep in the field.

Never name farm animals.


Monkey and Mouse


  1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. My grandad kept sheep when I was younger and we had a tame sheep (who we rather originally named Larry) and I remember how sad it was when she died. Pets are family and they do leave such a void when they go. #whatevertheweather

  2. Aw, what a sad tale. Our animals are all special and their lives are important, I don’t care what anyone says. Recent research has found that grief for a lost pet can be as profound, even more so in fact, than for another human, and that there is nothing wrong with that, it is a sign of our humanity. I hope your lovely memories – and photos – of Minty will be some comfort at this difficult time. #AnimalTales

  3. Of course he was important even if he was only a sheep.If an animal touches your heart of course you will be upset to see him go- it’s perfectly reasonable. I guess it might not be the done thing for a farmer’s wife to get attached to an animal like that, but you are only human. x

  4. There is no such thing as ‘only’ when it comes to pets.. They are part of the family and that is that. I am sorry abou Minty, he looked like a lovely and very special sheep.

  5. Animals can bring such joy but leave such a hole when they pass. So sorry for your loss honey but minty will be happily munching in the sky now xxxx

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