Farm Themed World Book Day Ideas

World Book Day is loved and loathed by parents (and probably teachers) in equal measure. I’ve heard parents moan when they have bought outfits in the sale the year before only for their child’s school to stop doing it.

My eldest’s school doesn’t dress up but nursery does so I have decided to dress both boys up this year.

I then got thinking about the possibilities of costumes. While purpose made costumes are great, some could quite easily be made by recycling Nativity outfits and using things we already have.

Unsurprisingly, the theme is farm here and so I had a think of some farm themed fancy dress ideas and thought I would hare them with you.

Chicken Licken. I think you could get a wy with yellow tights or leggings, a yellow top and a cardboard beak but this is a little outfit I got when my eldest was a toddler and it was so cute. I think I took her to church in it on Easter Sunday. There was a lot of cooing when I took her coat off.

Supertato. We love the Supertato books here and you can’t get closer to vegetables than a potato. I’d say a cream trousers and top combo with a car and an eye mask would fit.

The Evil Pea. Supertato’s arch nemesis could easily be done with green leggings and top and an added cape and eye mask.

Tractor Ted. Whether you dress them up as the tractor itself or Farmer Tom or even just a farmer in a boiler suit. Perfect.

Fantastic Mr Fox. Another farm yard choice and I have seen fox outfits in the supermarkets but a fox coloured outfit with a stuffed pair of tights for the tale and cardboard ears would also work.

Old MacDonald. Possibly the most famous farmer in the world and a pair of jeans, checked shirt and hat would do for this one.

Scarecrow. Another classic farm themed outfit and, if you live on a farm, make sure you utilise any straw you might have.

Goodnight Tractor. While dressing up as a tractor might seem a bit tricky, you could easily dress your child in blue striped pyjamas and give them a little toy tractor to hold.

What The Ladybird Heard. Whether you choose the farmer (like Pippa from Red Rose Mummy) or the thief, this is a brilliant choice if you ask me.

Peter Rabbit. Everyone’s favourite rabbit and an animal that is widespread on most farms. I don’t think you can get cuter than Peter. Especially with this gorgeous creation from Country Heart and Home.

Joey JCB. I have had my eye on one of these digger costumes for ages and, with my youngest sharing a name with the little vehicle, I think it is a perfect choice.

Farmer Duck. Another of our favourite books and the most adorable photo from LeeLeeLoves of her little one in a duck outfit.

Wonky Donkey. If your child was a donkey in the school nativity play, you could definitely use it again for World Book Day. You’d be getting your monies worth.

Love it or loathe it, if it encourages little imaginations to be sparked by books, it cannot be a bad thing.Does your child’s school dress up for World Book Day?


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