Farmhouse Style-Our Friendly Stag Head

I have wanted a stag head in my home for ages. Long before they came into fashion.

There is something about a stag’s head, mounted on the wall that screams country home.

As a modern farmer, it seems Hubster is not so much the bounty hunter that he may have been if we had been farming 100 years ago so, technically, I had a problem.

You can get antique taxidermy stag heads but they are at least £5000 and who can justify that cost when you have small children?

Then, a couple of Christmases ago, we went to a local garden centre to go on their Santa train.

As we looked around the centre after the trip, this fellow was hung on the wall.

It was like it was meant to be.

I can’t remember but he was definitely less than £100 but around that figure and I asked Hubster to buy him me for Christmas.

I had the best time carrying him to the car like a bounty hunter myself.

I then really enjoyed finding the right wall space for him.


Our friendly stag.

He has been in two spots in the living room. Once at the far end of the room and now, right where he should be-in the real living area where he is part of the family.

The children introduce Boris when we get visitors. As babies, the two boys love to look at him.

My love for Boris doesn’t stop there though. As part of the family, he is dressed and adorned seasonally.

Christmas and winter have been my favourite themes because he got to wear tinsel or a tartan scarf around his neck and have lovely baubles hung from his antlers.

At lambing time, he has sheep hanging from his horns.

Easter sees chicks and rabbits there.

Valentines Day sees love hearts.

Last Christmas, something very exciting happened. In another garden centre, I found a smaller stag’s head.

I think she was only £14.99.

Meet Doris. Boris’s loyal wife.

Her home is on the opposite wall to Boris and they stare lovingly at each other across the room.

Doris is also decorated at Christmas but we leave her bare for the rest of the year. She is pretty enough to not need adornment.

While my stag heads may not be exactly what I had in my head, I feel that wth children, they are probably a better idea.

Imagine a dodgy taxidermy. We have enough flies on the farm so I don’t think any more would be very welcome at all.

I love adding country looks to my home. I think they work so well in an old house.

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