Reasons Why We Need a Labrador

A while ago, I wrote a piece called How to get Your Partner to Say Yes to Goats.

It was a mounted campaign and I was very pleased with myself when Hubster eventually said yes.

I now want a Labrador but Hubster is being a little more difficult to persuade than he was about the goats. I have no idea why.

So here are ten reasons why we need a Labrador.

1. All farms have a Labrador. All of them. Even the farms that keep collies-those sheep dogs are actually labradors in disguise.

2. I will not be a ‘proper’ farmer’s wife until I have a big, dopey Labrador following me around the yard and resting her head on my knee-you know, when I am sat by the fire knitting socks?

3. A Labrador will look lovely with my winter tweed coat. Imagine all of the photos I can put on Instagram.

4. I can train said Labrador to run errands for me. Send notes across the farm yard when our phone batteries die and get it to carry sandwiches around its neck.

5. We will save money on heating bills because we can all cuddle up to the big dog. Who doesn’t love a bit of money saving?

6. The children would love a new puppy.

7. We could teach the children about caring for animals (you know, more so than the dogs we already have, the chickens and the sheep).

8. The children have asked for one for Christmas. We can’t let the children down, can we?*

9. I have always dreamed of opening a box on my birthday or Christmas Day and a Labrador puppy jumping out.

10. I will never ask for any other animal ever, ever again.**

*This is a lie. The children have not asked for a puppy for Christmas (yet) but they totally will with a bit more coaching.

**I cannot promise this. I may well want more chickens/goats/anything else I can think of at some point.

***Don’t get mad, this is a bit tongue in cheek. I am aware that a dog is for life, not just for Instagram.



  1. Just going to slyly forward this to my mum, and print it out and stick it in the pantry. You know just in case she has a change of heart about getting a dog…

  2. Haha you’re right, you totally need one. And I agree 100% about the dog is for life message, but I’m pretty sure that you of all people wouldn’t be getting rid of it anytime soon! Rescue one? That’d basically be your moral obligation rather than a present right?? 😉

  3. Yes – you are right, you absolutely need a Labrador. I have had 3 and I miss them all. They make your life complete, if complete means smelling of the fox poo they rolled in, stealing your lunch and going selectively deaf when there are rabbits to chase. Oops – I am not really selling this to your hubby am I? Best not let him read this then!!

    But you ARE right – you do need a Labrador and I hope you get one soon. I think we need another one too.

    Thank you for lining up with #AnimalTales and I am hoping for a positive Labrador update when the next one opens on Nov 14th!

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