1. Oh my goodness that’s a big question. Erm, I think I’d have to say pigs are my faves but cows come pretty close too. I love their soft noses! These prints are fabulous, I think I’ve seen them around somewhere actually, they’re very distinctive.

  2. Adele Baxter

    I’d definitely have to say that Pigs are my fave! They are super cute and can be really playful especially when they are piglets!

  3. Mark Witherington

    My favourite farm animal is the lamb, looked after one on a keeper experience once and had to catch one which was no mean feat

  4. Margaret Clarkson

    I like them all, pigs, sheep, cows and goats. Probably goats are my favourite as they have such a wonderful feisty temperament.

  5. Kim Styles

    cows -I love their smell, and I learnt how to milk them without all the pumps etc. That was very exciting –

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