First Shoes and Little Steps


Before Christmas, Baby G was cruising furniture like you wouldn’t believe.

We always buy Boo new boots for Christmas so I took the opportunity to get G some shoes.

Boo didn’t walk until she was nearly 22 months and, when I took her to Clarks, they said not only could she no longer fit in the cute cruiser shoes but that if I had got her shoes earlier, it would have made her walk.

I am unsure about that but with that ringing in my ears, I think that is what spurred me on to get G some little shoes.

In hindsight, I honestly don’t think he was ready.

They did look cute at Christmas though.


I really should have learnt my lesson from Boo and know that all children develop at their own rate and not to worry about it.

I wasn’t actually worried about G, I just wanted to get him shoes.

I was aware though that most children take their first steps on or around their first birthday .

I had wanted to get him a really sturdy walker for his birthday but our local ELC were out of the tool bench one I wanted. Then two we have from Boo are a bit flimsy for first walkers.

Thankfully my Mum came up trumps finding Boo’s old Fisher Price My First Pram. We replaced the dolly with his blue bunny and it was like something out of a film.

As I stacked the dishwasher, three days after his birthday, I heard Hubster on the baby monitor saying clever boy and I knew what I had missed.

Grumpy that I had missed it, Hubster reassured me he had taken a photo so I got the pram set up again and managed to film this.

Britain, we have a walker.


  1. Aww so cute!! What a lovely video! Interesting what you said you were told about if you had bought shoes earlier, it would encourage walking earlier as we didn’t buy Mia any shoes until she was over 1 as she showed no signs of walking at all. She then walked at about 14months for the first time and we thought it was quite late. Makes me wonder if we should have bought shoes earlier! Anyway, a lovely post 🙂


  2. Aww such a cute video, go Baby G! I didn’t bother buying Leo shoes until he could actually walk, it seemed a bit pointless spending all that money when he coudln’t even use the shoes properly yet. Love how happy he looks with his little pram 🙂 Thanks for hosting #maternitymondays xx

  3. Aww bless, he looks so pleased with himself. I didn’t buy Bear shoes until after she walked – I think it was the week before her 1st birthday – I didn’t consider that shoes might encourage her to walk x

  4. Lovely video Emma. We have bought some shoes for Little 3 (in the sales), he is now just 11 months old and only just beginning to cruise but likes to get out the pushchair at the park and his feet were cold! maybe they will give him some stability but I am not in a hurry for him to walk! it is hard enough keeping tabs on the other two!! #maternitymondays

  5. Aww, bless him, he looks so proud of himself! Such a shame you missed it. I bought little T cruiser shoes but I’m sure it didn’t affect when he started walking, they just do it in their own time, don’t they? #MaternityMondays

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