Five Ways You Know It’s Spring on the Farm


It’s the first day of Spring today and I could not be more pleased.

There is something about Spring which just brings hope and promise.

I am just hoping that this year promises to be drier than last for both the sake of the farm and the children.

Here are my top five ways you know it’s Spring on the farm.

1.Cat porn. Everywhere you look, there are cats mating. Sometimes you can look out of the window and it’s like a feline orgy. They wail at night. Sometimes they fight. It promises kittens though which is always lovely.

2.The dogs bark at the cats. It is a never-ending cycle. The terriers hate the cats so if a cat walks past the dogs at any time they bark but none more so than in the mating season.

3.Smell. There is a certain sweet smell at the farm in Spring time. I don’t know if it’s grass or leaves growing on the trees bit it is lovely.

4.Hubster works later. Lighter nights mean more day light to work so Hubster is out a lot more. If the weather is nice though it also means we can have evening walks around the farm which I love. When G was a baby last Spring/Summer, you could often find me walking up and down the field tracks, trying to get him off to sleep in the pram. I later found it was the rough gravel of the farm yard that worked best.

5.Lambs. Everyone’s idea of Spring and they are definitely on their way. Some sheep farmers have already lambed but ours are always a bit later so make sure you like my Facebook page to keep up to date with #lambinglive2016.



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