Get the Pet For Your Children

I hear lots of parents say they won’t get a pet for their child until they understand the work and commitment that goes into becoming a pet owner.

I understand. The parents are probably trying to teach their children something and don’t want to be lumbered caring for said pet themselves.

It is different here.

It is often me who wants the pet and I actually use my children as an excuse to get one-totally the opposite of most other parents and children.

The way I see it, the more the merrier and I think I probably apply this rule to most things. Maybe it is my life mantra.

The way I see it is that if parents acknowledge that it will be they who look after the pet and view the pet as a family pet, the ownership would be on everyone and, while it may not teach your children what you think they need, it will teach them how to work as part of a team.

I think I bought Boo her first pet (a goldfish) when she was three months old. I kid you not.

She obviously has no interest in the fish but I wanted it.

I know.

Now, living at the farm, we have every pet imaginable. The rabbits have gone off to new homes because the dogs were ever so interested in them and, being terriers, the poor rabbits would probably not been around much longer.

We had less dogs when we last had rabbits.

We also have cats and chickens-all pets which can be kept in an ordinary house (as opposed to a farm).

Hens are actually quite a good choice because you get something back from them-eggs and they can become quite tame little things. They also teach children where food comes from.

The thing with all pets though (not jut those that provide you with something like eggs, that you can see) is that they all give something back unconditionally.


As long as you treat them well, all animals give you that unconditional love which everyone can benefit from.

If my children have had a bad day or are having a tantrum, I send them to stroke one of our pets. It instantly soothes them.

It is not just children though, pets soothe adults too. If I am sad or worried, the dog does not leave my side. I don’t even have to call her. She just knows.

My other mantra in life is that forgiveness is more easily found than permission so go and buy the pet.

Chances are, it will be good for the whole family.

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