1. Haha I have a vision of your ‘friend’ running away from pecking hens with beautifully painted toenails getting destroyed! Chickens do sound like great fun, I’d love to have some one day.

  2. Chicken keeping has been on my wish list for years, they are such amusing birds to watch. Enjoyed your list of facts and will definitely avoid red nail polish if we ever own chickens ourselves! #AnimalTales

  3. Emma that’s really interesting, my friend has chickens in her garden & absolutely loves having them. We had blue eggs (shell) from a friend of my husbands, she said it was due to the food they had eaten, but they had the yellowest yolks I’ve ever seen.

  4. I’m quite impressed with myself that I knew 9 of these (didn’t know about the red colour)
    I love chickens! One day we hope to keep some!
    Thanks for sharing


  5. Oh my gosh, such interesting facts. I had no idea about the color red or that hens will sit on other chickens’ eggs. Really, all of this is pretty much new to me. I love getting fresh eggs from local chickens — something that’s common in France but not back in NYC. I’d always shop at the grocery store for my eggs back home. Thanks for the info! #animaltales

  6. I have kept chickens for 10 years now … as a child though my parents had them and I was frightened of them as they always seemed to try and peck me. I wonder if I was wearing red? When guests come to stay in our holiday cottage I think the most frequent question we get asked is whether hens will lay eggs when there is no cockerel … we have no cockerel and we have eggs I say! #AnimalTales

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