Hurrah for new life-a little tiny chick!

May 6th is a very special day for us and the new life just keeps on coming.
Five years ago, on May 6th 2009, our beloved ‘house’ dog (as opposed to the farm dogs) gave birth to five puppies. We weren’t living at the farm then and it was definitely an experience having them in the house with us.
It was an amazing experience seeing the puppies being born and helping with their delivery.
So roll on four years and in 2013, one of our farm dogs, Poppy gave birth to four puppies on the same day Rosie had given birth. They all found lovely homes and I still catch up with two of them on Facebook.

Last year I had some Salmon Favorolle eggs in an incubator. I’d bought them off eBay and eggs, quite understandably, don’t travel well in the post so, I was very excited when one did hatch. Guess what the date was? Yes, May 6th so we had puppies and a chick on the same day.
Thankfully a friend of my niece took Cheepy the chick otherwise he would have been eaten by foxes when our first flock went last year.

Look at him now-he is such a beauty.
So at 4pm today, my niece text me, just as I was leaving work.

photo (2)
Do you remember this post? The one with the chicken nesting on eggs in one of the barns?
A little chick was born on-you guessed it-May 6th.
I was so impatient to get home.

new chick
So here is the little beauty with a very proud and protective mummy. It is the smallest chick I have ever seen and is a cross between an Old English Game bantam (mum) and a Silkie (dad). She was originally sitting under a tree with the new chick but that was no good. They were both open to predators. Unfortunately, mum is not one of our ‘normal’ flock. She’s a bantam who can fly so it took three of us to get her into a little sheltered coop with her new baby.
You can’t be too careful, especially on a farm. I’ve learnt this the hard way.
So there you have it-we end another May 6th with another new life on the farm.
I wonder what will arrive next year?




  1. Awwwwww Cuteness! Love those little chicks. Emma is that right you can buy chick eggs on ebay? My eyes are being opened to whole new world!xxxx

  2. awww Emma what a lovely round up of new life and all on the same day and month!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments and sharing the love


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